Tadiran Batteries
Yitzhak Rabin 34, Kiryat Eqron, Israel
Phone: 972-8-9444503

Headquartered in Kiryat Eqron Israel, Tadiran Batteries is positioned as world leading manufacturer of advanced batteries technology. Beside its main factories in Israel (TBL), Tadiran is having a factory at Büdingen Germany (TBG), and main distribution site at Port Washington USA. Since 2001 Tadiran is part of SAFT Batteries group.

Tadiran products are essentially primary lithium batteries and Li ion based batteries for variety of applications for the civilian and military markets.

Current Tadiran Li ion cells (known as TLI series) address the inherent drawbacks of standard rechargeable lithium-ion cells and offers very long operating life, high maximum cycle life, low self-discharge and wide operation temperature range. Tadiran Li ion batteries utilize technology found in Tadiran’s patented hybrid layer capacitor (HLC) that has been field-proven through millions of cells to deliver 25+ year service life. TLI Series batteries modify this technology to deliver reliable, long-term performance under extreme environmental conditions.

Tadiran activity in TEPS consortium includes development of high energy and high power Li ion D size cells of Silicon rich anode and HEMNC rich cathode. Silicon anode and HEMNC cathode are in the front line of worldwide batteries research activity as they are potential materials of advanced high capacity Li ion cells. The main challenge of development of cells based on that technology is to overcome its limited charge/discharge cycles number. Once this challenge solved the theoretic high gravimetric and volumetric capacity of Silicon anode and HEMNC cathode based cells is an important advantage for implementation in batteries for electric vehicles.

During the first three years of TEPS activity Tadiran had achieved a worldwide breakthrough in success of implementation of hundreds of cycles of high energy stable Silicon anode and HENMC cathode. Moreover the cells based on these electrodes are very stable at high rate operation at variance of high and low temperatures on one hand and at long room temperature shelf life on the other hand.


For its activity in TEPS Tadiran uses its rich experience of design and mass scale production of Li ion cells along with its advanced production lines and its Li ion oriented R&D laboratories. TEPS team of Tadiran includes thirteen people in wide diversity of skills, with many years of experience of batteries development.