Professor Moris Eisen

Post doc: Chaim Weizmann Fellow Northwestern University, USA - 1990-92

Ph.D: in Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. Supervised by Prof. Jochanan Blum.

Room Number: 520
Phone: +972-4-8292680
Fax: +972-4-8295703

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Modulating Stereoregularities in the Polymerization of a-olefins

During the last decades an enormous advancement has been made in the design and synthesis of "well-defined' or "single-site" catalysts for the polymerization of olefins. The majority of these catalysts belong to the metallocene ensemble, although some are known that contains one cyclopentadienyl ring and (for example) a pendant amido ligand. Complexes containing many other functionalities including chelating diamido or chelating benzamidine ancillary ligands have received attention as potential Ziegler-Natta catalysts. We have investigated the a-olefin polymerization chemistry catalyzed by several chelating bis(benzamidinate) complexes of group 4.We have shown that we are able to tune the stereoregularity of various polymers just by changing the monomer concentration during the polymerization. This was achieved by thoroughly understanding the catalytic active sites and the kinetics of the reaction. Elastomeric materials are the state of the art compounds today in the market and the controlling of the stiffness, toughness of the elastomeric polymers is of major importance worldwide to the polymeric industry.

Organoactinide Catalyzing Demanding Chemical Transformations.

This project aimed at the synthesis, characterization, and reactivity studies for unique types of coordinatively unsaturated organoactinides, which have been developed in our group during the last years. In addition, thorough studies of the homogeneous and heterogeneous complexes in the catalytic formation of novel compounds as well as designing new catalytic cycles based on our already proved results toward simple - high in value - materials.

Oligomerization, intermolecular hydroamination, hydrosilylation of terminal alkynes, and 1,1-insertion of isonitriles into terminal alkynes comprise some of these processes. However, due to the high oxophilicity of the actinide complexes, all the substrates containing oxygen atoms were excluded In our attempts to discover new catalytic reactions for actinide-based complexes, we have found their surprising activity towards the polymerization of cyclic mono- and diesters. This discovery arouses the conceptual question about the activity of oxo-actinide complexes. To expand the scope of the actinides in catalysis, we have pursued the dimerization of aldehydes to esters. In addition, we have been able to pursue the disproportionation of silylalkynes, and the Ph-Si bond activation of phenylsilane introducing a new concept of copy and paste.


Selected Puiblications


  • Lithium Furyl and Pyridyl Amidinates as Building Blocks in Coordinative Polymers, Ladder and Cage Structures.

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  • A Paradigm for Solvent and Temperature Induced Conformational Changes

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  • Copolymerizations of Propylene with Functionalized Long-Chain α-Olefins Using Group 4 Organometallic Catalysts and their Membrane Application.
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  • Using Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization for the Synthesis of Grafted PVDF Copolymers towards the Synthesis of Membranes Full Text.

S. Sermili, and M. S. Eisen. Isr. J. Chem., (2012), 52, 347-358.

  • Bis(1,3-di-tert-butylimidazolin-2-iminato) Titanium Complexes as Effective Catalysts for the Monodisperse Polymerization of Propylene

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J. Zhang, P. Qiu, Z. Liu, B. Liu, R. J. Batrice, M. Botoshansky, and M. S. Eisen,

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  • Actinide-Mediated Catalytic Addition of E-H Bonds (E=N, P, S) to Carbodiimides, Isocyanates, and Isothiocyanates.

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  • Catalytic insertion of E-H bonds (E=C, N, P, S) into heterocumulenes by amido-actinide complexes

R. J. Batrice and M. S. Eisen. Chem. Sci., 2016, 7, 939 – 944.

  • Actinide-Catalyzed Intermolecular Addition of Alcohols to Carbodiimides

R. J. Batrice, C. Kefalidis, L. Maron, and M. S. Eisen. J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016138 (7), pp 2114–2117.

  • Tailor-Made Thermoplastic Elastomeric Stereoblock Polypropylenes 2 by Modulation of Monomer Pressure.

M. Moshonov, S. Aharonovich, and M. S. Eisen (Macromolecules in press)


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Mitchel-Soref Research Award (1999)

Alexander Goldberg Excellence in Research Award. (1998-1999)

Herschl Rich Technion Innovation Award (1999-2000)

Henri Gutwirth Fund for the Promotion of Research (1999-2000)

L. Meitner, A. v. Humboldt Prize for Research (Given by the Germany Humboldt Foundation) (2000-2001)

Mitchel Soref Research Award 2001-2002.

Henry Taub Research Prize Award 2002-2003

ECUST Chemistry Professor Guest Research Award China 2009.

Alexander v. Humboldt Research Prize (Given by the Germany Humboldt Foundation) (2012)

Uzi and Michal Halevy Innovative Applied Engineering Award (2013-2014)

Excellence Teaching Technion Yanai Prize (2013)

Excellence Teacher Award Spring Semester (2016)



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