Industrial Members

All TEPS industrial members have unique and significant technological assets related to power sources for EV, and have competent highly skilled R&D groups. They view TEPS as an opportunity to join efforts and forces in order to incubate innovations into a growing attractive market, which will also upgrade their existing product base.
Elbit Systems is among the largest 40 global defense companies. Its Power and Energy Department develops energy systems and super capacitors for EV, and integrated automotive systems for defense applications. Won the Chief Scientist prize for nanotechnology research in 2012.
Focuses in TEPS on next generation supercapacitors.


A startup company which develops innovative lithium-ion cells for EV and Micro Air Vehicles.
Focuses in TEPS on next generation lithium-ion cells (high power).

Electric Fuel - Epsilor

Specializes in primary zinc-air batteries and power management. Demonstrated successfully twenty years ago these batteries for bus fleets in Europe.
Focuses in TEPS on next generation rechargeable zinc-air batteries.


SME, world leader in development of platinum-free Alkaline-Membrane Fuel Cell (AMFC), where the permeating species is hydroxyl ion.
Focuses in TEPS on second generation AMFC.


develops and manufactures lithium-ion and lithium thionyl chloride cells, and their PulsesPlus hybrid pair, having unique performance and high reputation globally.
Focuses in TEPS on next generation lithium-ion cells