ETV was established at 2008 to develop the next generation High Voltage, High Energy Lithium Ion Battery (LIB).

The company is operated by worldwide pioneers in the field of LIBs with thorough industrial and academic experience. R&D team of ETV Energy is a mix of industry and academy pioneers in the field of Lithium batteries. The management team holds decades of global experience in bringing disruptive technologies into discerning markets.

To encounter the enormous challenge, ETV Energy established academic and industrial collaborations. By leveraging the cooperation, across a wide range of disciplines, ETV embraces an outstanding scientific and industrial R&D platform. Holding thorough acquaintance with the LIB technology and oriented to reach technological breakthrough, ETV take part to develop and implement some novel elements not being used in the state-of-the-art LIBs. ETV takes active and leading role in the Israeli National program for oil alternative technologies.


ETV Energy is engaged to develop Novel High Voltage Lithium Ion Battery technology. The electrochemical system is based on High Voltage Nickel-Manganese-Oxide Spinel cathode (HV-NMS). The system provides inherent performance and cost benefits including:

  • High Cell Voltage + 30 ÷    50%
  • High Spec. Power + 50 ÷ 300%
  • High Spec. Energy + 30 ÷ 100%
  • Cost Effective + 30 ÷   50%

The inherent features of the high voltage spinel cathode provide high and flat voltage profile and outstanding kinetics, thereby enabling delivery of high energy and high power. 

The high cell voltage enables to reduce the number of serial cells to reach certain battery voltage, thereby providing added value to reduce cost and increase the specific energy and power of the battery (see example herein)  

Generic technological platform has been developed, being beneficial not only for the High Voltage LIB, but rather for the entire family of the LIBs


Wide and interdisciplinary knowhow and experience enabled the company to achieve marked progress with the High Voltage LIB making it viable for near term commercialization.

Near-term objective of the company is implementing its novel chemistry into high-end, custom-made products requiring extreme performance. The company has already gained a foothold in this market with revenues starting of 2012 and keeps delivery of technology Demo prototypes for high-end industry in Israel. Delivery of prototype samples worldwide, is projected for 2017.

Launching operation of low volume pilot for the custom made high-end markets is foreseen for the near future.  Penetrating this sector enables ETV to generate revenues, build credibility and to continue development of its core technologies to allow later access to the automotive market. The company is targeting delivery of engineering samples prototypes to the automotive market by 2018/19. 

Team & Infrastructure

ETV has assembled a seasoned management team with track-records for taking laboratory concepts to commercially success­ful products. Collectively, the company’s scientists provide the company with decades of experience as pioneers in the development of advanced lithium and other battery technologies commencing with the dawn of Li-ion battery technology.

ETV holds business and technology agreement with the Bar-Ilan University, Israel, closely coopering with the electrochemical group headed by Prof. Doron Aurbach. Prof. Aurbach is a known worldwide authority in the field of LIB. The collaboration provides mutual synergism while ensuring solid scientific and infrastructure backing to ETV. 

  1. Israel Frieder –Chairman of the Board

Dr. Frieder has over 35 years of experience in the Hi-Tec and investment industry.

Dr. Frieder was the founder, Chairman & CEO of ITAC (Israel Technology Acq. Corp.) He served as the President & CEO of Kardan Communications Ltd., an holding company and served as Chairman / Director of the portfolio companies such as RRsat (Nasdaq:RRST), IVP, Teledata-Networks, SintecMedia, YES and Investment committee of Aviv VC. 

Dr. Frieder served at ECI Telecom (Nasdaq: ECIL) provider of network and access solutions for digital networks for over 180 operators. He served the President of ECI Telecom, DNI Inc. in the US. and Corporate Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Planning of ECI Telecom. He served as the President of Tadiran Telecommunication Ltd, Network Systems.

Dr. Frieder is a winner of the Israel Defense Prize, 1979 and Israel Kaplan Prize, 1986

Dr. Frieder received a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Operational Research with distinction. Dr. Frieder received a Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Business Administration.

  1. Arieh Meitav – CTO and founder

Acknowledged authority and pioneer of Li-Ion battery technology, with over 35 year experience in a wide range of energy and material technologies. His industrial experience includes R&D management in Tadiran Battery Division; member of the core team of Electric Fuel, running the development of mechanically replaceable large Zn/Air system for automotive market and primary Zn/Air for the portable markets; led several start-up projects in the area of material engineering, three of which developed into commercial products; inventor of a proton conductive super-capacitor (EDLC) that was acquired by AVX-USA ( and was in charge to its development and industrialization (a commercial product since 2001).

Dr. Meitav was involved in R&D of Thermal batteries, DM fuel-cells and hydrogen storage technologies.  He was the CTO and cofounder of Sirius Implantable Systems, to develop a miniature pacemaker with leadless electrode powered by a micro-battery recharged by a piezoelectric micro-generator that harnesses the mechanical movement of the heart. 

He holds a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD in electrochemistry and is the author of 10 patents and 7 applications and has published numerous technical monographs.

The thorough experience with managing R&D projects at large industrial companies, start-ups, technological incubators and academy, provide Dr. Meitav a leading expertise covering both- the technology and the business.

  1. Shalom Luski – Chief Scientist and co-founder

Dr. Luski is experienced authority in material processing and electrochemistry in the areas of battery technologies and material engineering; twenty five years of program leadership with several high-tech companies: VP R&D Chemistry at Printar ltd. (inkjet), VP of Core Technologies at Power Paper ltd. and Projects Manager at Tadiran Batteries.

Dr. Luski if the author of 11 patents and 17 patent applications

Dr. Luski got his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with honor graduation;


Bar-Ilan University Campus, Dep. of Chemistry, Ramat-Gan, Israel

Office: +972-3-5317584

Mobile: +972-50-6705917