Established: 2008
Headquarters: Caesarea, Israel
Website: www.cellera.biz

BrEaking the fuel Cell Cost Barrier

CellEra’s Platinum-Free Membrane Fuel Cells

CellEra has developed a revolutionary Platinum-Free Membrane Fuel Cell (PFM-FC)
technology, which maintains the advantages of incumbent low-temperature Polymer
Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEM-FC), while alleviating major cost components,
including but not limited to eliminating the use Platinum as an electro-catalyst.

CellEra’s PFM-FC engine enables kilowatt-range power generation using hydrogen fuel. The
stack is based on CellEra’s proprietary catalyst-coated membrane technology, utilizing a
polymeric anion-exchange membrane, and does not require any addition of liquid electrolyte.


CellEra has assembled a worldclass
team with high-level expertise
in fuel cell R&D, fabrication
and marketing. Shimshon
Gottesfeld, CTO, is a world renowned
fuel cell expert; Dario
Dekel, VP R&D, was formerly
head of a global battery division;
Ziv Gottesfeld, CEO, is an experienced
entrepreneur and hitech
manager, and active board
member Roger Saillant was previously
President and CEO of fuel
cell leader PlugPower.

Oem Opportunities

CellEra is presently developing partnerships
with major OEM’s /System
Integrators in the respective target
market sectors. OEM’s interested in
leveraging strong PFM competitive
advantages within fuel cell based
power solutions are welcome to establish