collaborations and synergy

TEPS views internal collaborations as a major force multiplier, which is critical to its operation and success.
Collaboration between academy and industry is evident and is one of the foundation pillars of Magnet. TEPS is fortunate to have attracted excellent distinguished professors, who agreed to leverage their know-how and brains for this effort.
Internal industries collaborations is implemented in a number of layers :

  • Cluster structure, where data, lessons, plans and speculations are discussed openly between different industries and different academies.
  • Technological forum, where cross-industry issued are discussed and analyzed. TEPS identified a number of relevant common topics (like paste optimization, paste production, electrode fabrication, membranes and separators, testability, safety), and each industry provides input on its own experience.
  • Sharing of pre-TEPS industry internal know-how in critical ad-hoc issues and gaps
  • Lessons from dual academy-industry study are open to other industrial members, who can leverage them to their needs from an advanced stage.

TEPS is open for collaboration with other organizations or programs (in Israel or abroad) who could contribute to its vision.
For further information and opportunities for collaboration, please contact Dr. Igal Klein at