TEPS – OCS Magnet Consortium

TEPS is an acronym for Transportation Electric Power Solutions. It is an Israeli consortium of industries and academia, initiated and sponsored by the Magnet Directorate of the Office of the Chief Scientist (Ministry of Economy) and by the Alternative Fuels Administration (Prime Minister Office). Its objective is to incubate and promote generic innovative industry-oriented technologies for power sources for electric vehicles, and it is operating as of 09/2013. The rationale for this activity is :

  • escalating and uncontrolled pricing of crude oil because of dwindling oil reserves
  • air pollution in urban areas
  • the greenhouse effect
  • oil production and export is often found in non-friendly countries

By and large, the globally-accepted trend is that alternatives for oil in the transportation sector imply Electric Vehicles (EV). This will result in a meaningful economic opportunity for manufacturers of power sources and systems for EV.
It is evident that without innovative revolutionary technological jump in electrical power sources, EV will win only a small niche market of the car industry.
This highlights the essence of TEPS.

The Head of TEPS is Mr. Nachman Levinger.